Buy counterfeit cash for sale, Before returning any Bills or ask refund to us for whatever reason, it is important that you contact us by e-mail to inform us of your intention and reasons for doing so. We also appreciate you give us the option of fixing the issue concerning the bills before asking for a refund. We have one of the best refund policy around the world, but we also are aware of fraudsters who try to get double delivery at our own detriment. We have encounter a couple of such cases and know how to trace and deal with them. Buy counterfeit cash for sale

We guarantee the delivery of your  counterfeit bills order.

In the case of Bills arriving to the customer in a faulty or damaged condition, we will replace your order. Please contact us for further details.

In cases where loss, damage or delay is due to an incorrect delivery address being given to us, a refund cannot be offered.

If you are not completely satisfied with our products , simply return the product and explain why you are not satisfied and if tangible your refund will be done. You will receive a full refund including all payments and commissions in 12 days.

Please, you must ensure that your mailbox is safe enough to prevent package from being lost or stolen. For direct home deliveries, our delivery agent will have your package delivered at your home address directly (only for orders above $1000).

Because our intention is to guarantee the safe delivery of your bills at all cost, we try our best to remedy any unforeseen that may occur along the transaction line and incurs all the cost to resend a new package in the case of problems cause at our own end. We as well pay back resend should the client be extremely dissatisfied with us giving tangible reasons.

However we expect our clients to also try and be very careful not to give us incorrect mail address because in such situation we are not going to make any resend nor refund because the fault is entirely that of the client.

We are doing our absolute best to serve our clients and we also expect the clients to exercise patience when to give us just the right information at the time of placing an order for bills.